Clinic of aesthetic dentistry "PRISMA"


Your desires, as well as our capabilities, are endless!


The dental clinic "PRISMA" in the center of Kyiv invites you to consultation and treatment of teeth. We provide a full range of dental care and guarantee the quality and complete safety. With us you will understand that the dentist is a friend of yours on the way to health and beauty!

Services of our dentistry

Each service has its own characteristics, which you can find on site pages. We have tried to describe our opportunities accessibly, but certainly no one will tell you that better than the dentist. Practically all dental clinics in Kyiv have the same range of services, but we are sure that just in the clinic of aesthetic dentistry "PRISMA" you will find "your" doctor. Indeed, in this case the main thing is trust between doctor and patient. As we have said, in our clinic you can get any dental care, as follows:

By choosing a dentistry "PRISMA" in Kyiv, you should know that:

We have over 20 years of experience. Our dental clinic opened its doors in Kyiv in 1994

The specialists continually hone their skills and improve their professionalism. All clinic doctors attend advanced training courses throughout their practice.

We use innovative technologies. And it's not just a nice phrase. In the clinic of aesthetic dentistry "PRISMA" every 3-4 years a renovation of equipment and the introduction of new materials is held.

Quality as well as aesthetics is important. While offering quality, some dental clinics neglect aesthetics. And then it seems that smile is impeccable, but looks artificial. We do the work so that your teeth look and feel like real.

You hold back with a visit to the dental clinic because:

«Treatment of teeth
is painful!»

We'll prove you the contrary. In its practice the dentistry "PRISMA" in Kyiv applies modern forms of anesthesia and even medication sleep. Painless treatment of teeth is possible.

«I need to treat almost all my teeth!»

If you have not visit a dentist for a long time, then most likely you will have a lot of problems. But we'll draw up a treatment plan and will gradually make your smile dazzling. And coming to the consultation and cleaning only once in six months, you will become the proud owner of healthy and beautiful teeth.

«The prices for treatment are pricey!»

On our site the detailed price list is available, which represents the prices for each service. Of course, the exact cost of treatment will be determined by a doctor, but you can see the price list, so that in the end it will not be a surprise for you.Price list in dentistry «PRISMA» are fully justified by doctors’ professionalism and quality of equipment.


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Have you already chosen a dental clinic?

The step of choosing a dental clinic and a doctor is important: you should feel confident and trust the specialist. Clinic of aesthetic dentistry "PRISMA" is dentistry in Kyiv with the highest level of doctors’ professionalism, modern materials, equipment and technologies.


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We are open:

from 8:00 to 20:00 (without weekends)

Healthy teeth and beautiful smile means self-confidence and the way to success!

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